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The Dirty Dozen

Everyone knows about these, right?  In trying to feed Baby B the healthiest options (and in turn getting J and I to eat cleaner) I’ve started to change my grocery shopping habits.  We have a great little produce and fruit stand outside our great little butcher shop (something that I don’t utilize enough) that sells some of the best pears in the summer and offers other organic options.  When shopping at the grocery store though, make sure that you’re choosing the following 12 foods in their organic variety to stay away from pesticides that you can’t rinse out.



I’m going to do a little shopping experience soon breaking down where to shop to buy fresh, local, organic and healthy foods.  I’ll be comparing Safeway, Metropolitan Market (local here in Seattle), Whole Foods and Fred Meyer (Kroger).  It’s so weird how such a little kiddo can change how you look at food!





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