Baby B

Baby B

September 2011

We got you home and gave you your first bath.  Not really enjoying it.  You’re not sleeping overly well and needing to eat some nom nom nom about every 2 hours.  As long as we don’t let you go any longer than that you’re a super happy baby.  I had to trim your fingernails after we got home and noticed that you have my long fingers.  You got your dad’s ears and hair color and I think his toes.  We’re split on the nose and won’t know what color your eyes are going to be for another couple of weeks.  Your favorite place to sleep in on us and your puppy is settling in nicely with you (yay! since we had read that Westies didn’t mesh well with kids…so happy).


September 2011

I know, I know.  I didn’t post any week 1 pictures.  These I took late last week and while the second one is a little fuzzy (still working on how to shoot well with my new lens…must go annoy neighbor to learn more about it…) it totally shows how much little B moves!  He’s got some great expressions and is such a happy baby.  We’re settling into a sort-of routine.  He’s still needing a 2am and 6 am feeding but otherwise sleeps through the night.  Sounds great until I tell you that between the two feedings he’s sleeping on me.  We’re going to transition him and his bassinet into his room this coming week.  He’s doing great at self-soothing with his binky the majority of time.  His hair is still there, the pediatrician says he’s hitting all his marks and growing so well and he’s a great eater.  He blew through all the formula samples and has made a good transition to the Costco formula (thank goodness…it’s made by Similac but oh so cheap).  We learned though that the kid + Huggies = pee everywhere.  Pampers 4 life.


Baby Feet (October)


In early October, Mom and I went out to Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge to spend the day with Baby B.  He’s already one month and oh so cute in his little stroller.  Just my little hoodie rat 🙂


November 2011

Baby B is already two months old!
Weight: 11.5# (31st percentile)

Length: 23″ (50th percentile)

Clothes: 0-3month/3 month sizes.  They’re a little big still but we’ve found that he’s more of a onesie/shirt and pants guy rather than a unisuit guy because he’s got long little legs.  He loves his little footed sleeper suits though (mom and dad like the ones with zippers better than all the snaps).  He loves his Trumpete socks.

Favorite toy:  his plug, our hands and he found out about mirrors and likes the Nordstrom blanket that his Godmother got him the most.  Little snugglebunny.  He also loves staring at this black and white picture above our bed in the morning.

Sleeping:  still in his vibrator chair which we place in his crib.  Sleeps about 5 hours stretches and then wants to snuggle around 5am with Mom.

Milestones:  Smiling all the time.  Loves to have his nose tickled.  Cooing and has found that he likes to “dance” with his arms.  Great neck control and can place all his weight on his legs when J holds him up.  Starting to get Male-baby-patterned-baldness.  Being the cutest thing ever and making Mommy’s heart melt.


December 2011

And officially a baby!  Supposedly at 3 months they’re no longer a newborn.  I guess we’ve got a baby on our hands!

We don’t own a scale so I have no idea how much weight he’s gained (we’ll find out in January at his 4 month check up) but he is now 24″ (up one inch in a month).

The biggest milestone this last month?  Oh that would be him sleeping in his crib, on his mattress!  He’s a sidesleeper and loves to have a blanket over his lower half.  We’ve also got a bedtime routine down so now he’s got holding time at 7:30 (wearing PJ’s and a bottle) and off to bed, usually asleep, by 8.  Some nights we’ve started to notice that he exhibits tired signs even as early as 7pm!  What a difference a month makes.
Still wearing the same size clothes but he’s started to outgrow in length his PJ’s.  He’s such a long skinny little guy.  Still hates tummy time, I swear he’s learning to at least roll from back to side (which then all he has to to is fall over to have a full roll), loves his plug and is losing hair like no other.  And his grin?  Oh, still melting my heart.
January 2012
Baby B is already four months old!
Weight: 13.7# (17th percentile)

Length: 24.7″ (35th percentile)

Clothes: Officially in 3-6/6 month sizes.  Again a little big (and honestly a little long pants wise) but the onesie’s that we were trying to fit him in just weren’t cutting it.  Trumpette socks are starting to slide down the backs of his heels so I’m thinking they aren’t really going to last until he’s 6 months old.  Luckily they make toddler sized ones too!

Favorite toy:  He’s a drool factory so he’s liking all of the teethers he has especially Sophie.  Gwen wants to kill Sophie though because of the squeeker.  And you can tell he likes his hands!

Sleeping:  Almost through the night.  Bedtime is 6:30-7pm (and there are no excuses even if we’re out or we have company…makes for a much happier baby) and will sleep until around 1, need a bottle and then sleeps until 5-6am and wants to cuddle.  His sleeping is getting better and better.  He takes a little 30 minute nap in the morning and then a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.  I’ve read about the “4 month wakeful period” but this kid is not exhibiting any signs of that.  He likes his routine.

Milestones:  Standing with support, sitting in his Bebepod (Bumbo) and eating solids.  Mr. Yuck face at peas (they honestly smelled like crap) but so far likes his oatmeal, apples, banana’s and sweet potatoes.  Next up is some yogurt and carrots.  He’s rolling tummy to back and back to tummy when he wants.
January 2012
February 2012
5 Months old!
Somewhere around 15 pounds (such a petite little tyke!)
We’ve had a great month!  Learning to sit up (gorilla style) and doing 360’s on the floor.  Loves to do all the right moves of crawling but hasn’t quite gotten it down yet.  He’s so long that he’s finally starting to outgrow his 3-6/6month pants so we’re starting to go through his clothes again.
He’s got a big couple of months coming up so this one is luckily quiet!
Look at those eyes!
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