The case for changing to organic milk

2% Organic milk (reduced fat)


2% milk (reduced fat)


We drink 2% in our house for now and while we’re really happy with our milk delivery from local Smith Brother’s Farms (it’s mighty tasty) I’ve been looking into switching to organic.  It’s about $1.50 more per 1/2 gallon at Smith Brothers though so it’s got to be a good reason to switch.  I’ve also added organic milk to the spreadsheet I’m working on about the best places to buy organic and just generally better food.

There have been many studies done regarding the differences between organic and non milks.  You can read more here, here & here.  The bottom line that I have come to is that there isn’t a big difference in the actual milk (other than some trace antibiotics) but there are HUGE differences in how the milk gets to your fridge.  The whole dairy industry is completely different (how the cows live, what they eat, how the milk get processed etc) so it begs the question of “do happy cows make better milk?”.

The lack of chemicals and antibiotics is great.  The taste is better.  The cows are happier.  To me, there are brands of organic out there that come very close in price to what we’re paying for our milk delivery.  There are still local brands that are organic farming and if it means that I can get rid of one more layer of processing and crap in our food it sounds good to me.


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