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Brown sugar & balsamic glazed pork in a slow cooker

This wasn’t a fail but it’s not going to be going on our line up anytime soon.  First it was a little too sweet in the end for us.  The pork needs to be browned before being put in the slow cooker.  And the recipe calls for cornstarch to thicken the glaze, something that I don’t particularly like so I made the glaze the old fashioned way in a saucier.  I could see this being good on a grill maybe.

Monkey bread with dill butter

I did these in muffin tins and the ratio of butter to cooking made a greasy mess.  Less butter next time and a little more cooking time.  The middle of these just didn’t get done.  It has good flavor though and it looked impressive.

As with any time that you’re not following a recipe from a well known source (, Saveur, etc) and are following everyday cooks (, Pinterest etc) there is always going to be a bit of trial and error.  A lot of us post after one great batch and non-commercial cooktops and ovens (like mine!!!) sometimes aren’t showing the right temps.

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